Moorish architectural ornament

Moorish architectural ornamentOn this page you can download a simple pattern that we named Moorish architectural ornament. 

Nowadays old books are a high quality source of various ideas, illustrations and knowledge in general that may come in useful sooner or later. It is in an old German book on architecture that we discovered this Moorish ornament, whose simplicity and beauty simply made us draw it, and now your free download is ready on this page!
The name itself is based on the caption below the picture of this ornament in the above book, since it read that it was an ornament characteristic of Moorish architecture. Based on its appearance, we could have also called it a rectangular interlaced ornament, but we decided on its existing name due to the beauty of Moorish architecture.

Interlaced ornaments have been popular in various cultures throughout history, and they are still used today for various purposes. For this reason, we hope that you will have a good idea on how to use this ornament, and that this will not be limited to projects related to Moorish culture and architecture. 

The ornament has been precisely drawn using the grid method and consists of only straight lines. It has a vertical axis of symmetry, and it is enough to draw only the half of it, then the whole ornament is easily obtained by copying with respect to the axis of symmetry (Mirror copy). 

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. Meaning you can use it commercially or personally as long as you credit us for the creation.

Moorish architectural ornament is available in three different vector file formats: 2D CAD (dwg) and vector (eps and svg).