On this page you can download two patterns that we called Moorish glazed earthenware tile patterns.

Often in books such patterns can be found under the names of ‘Arab lattice’ or ‘tile patterns’. We found them in an old book that dealt with traditional methods of pattern design. The book stated that both patterns originated from Hispano-Moresque glazed earthenware tiles located in Toledo. Such patterns are very often found in Islamic decorative art; they were given special beauty by the various colors for which Moorish artists were the true masters.


Moorish glazed earthenware tile patterns
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Drawing this type of pattern is extremely easy and consists of drawing a grid, most often formed of horizontal, vertical and oblique parallel lines. Depending on the layout of the lines, they mutually form a large number of possible surfaces. It is the task of the artist to identify a pattern among a multitude of lines and possible surfaces, i.e., to determine from which surfaces a pattern is to be formed. Next, just remove the unnecessary sections of the lines that cover the pattern surfaces and paint the patterns with different colors. Moorish artists were the true masters in this process and a large number of mosaics or tiles decorated with such patterns have survived up to this day. It should be noted that these patterns are not only characteristic of Moorish, but also of the Arab and Ottoman decorative art,  i.e., the entire Middle East and North Africa.

If you like these type of patterns, you can download the two we offering here, or you can also design one of your own following the drawing process explained above.


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