Arabic frieze from the Omu mosque in Cairo

Arabic frieze from the Omu mosque in CairoOn this page you can download the pattern called Arabic frieze from the Omu mosque in Cairo. We have found it in an old book and named it after the inscription beneath the image of the pattern.
This is a fine example of the Arabic band pattern, and we think that it can be used for some good purpose. The pattern is painted black and white, and attention should be paid that all the black pattern segments are actually identical to the white ones, just rotated by 180 degrees.
If you are interested in Arabic patterns, you can find plenty of them in subcategories of the Free Patterns Category.
This interesting arabic band pattern is available in three different file formats: 2D CAD (dwg), vector (eps and svg).
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported