Byzantine ornament

Byzantine ornament
Download Byzantine ornament for free in vector art format. Byzantine ornamental vector is available in all common formats: .dwg, .eps, and .svg.
This vector design is based on the Byzantine bas relief, which is now on the facade of St Mark's Basilica (Venice). Bas relief is looted from Constantinople after the Fourth Crusade.
The above ornament can be seen to this day, and it is located next to the famous sculpture known as the Portrait of the Four Tetrarchs, on a wall full of stolen reliefs from Constantinople. Originally it was part of the decorations of the Philadelphion (a public square located in Constantinople), and in early 13th century it was removed to Venice, Italy.
The ornament is square in shape and represents a fine example of the Byzantine interlaced ornament. It consists of interconnected squares, circles and arcs. In the center of the ornament there is a rosette and four more semi-rosettes are placed inbetween the squares. You can easily remove the rosettes and insert a  pattern you like instead.
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Byzantine ornament vector is fully editable, just download it bellow, open the file in vector editing software and customize. 

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