Ancient Greek key patterns

Ancient Greek key patternsHere is a collection of 16 ancient antique patterns known under the names of Greek fret patterns, Greek key patterns and meander patterns. There is another collection of such band patterns on our website and you can check it out on the following page: Ancient Greek meanders 
Greek key patterns have been among the oldest and most popular patterns in human history. The beginning of their own history goes back to the Paleolithic Age, they obtained their modern looks in ancient Greece and used to be popular in various art styles. Even today, key patterns can be often seen to decorate various objects. Greek key patterns are most commonly used as band patterns; however, if we additionally draw a border corner, exceptionally beautiful border patterns (Architectural meander borders) can be obtained from key patterns.  

All 16 patterns from this collection are at least a few centuries old since we have discovered them in the pictures of some old books that dealt with history of art and architecture. In addition to the European peoples, the key pattern was also popular with many other peoples all over the world; the Arabs and the Moors developed their forms of the key pattern in the Middle Ages, and in India the key band pattern with the symbol of the swastika was very popular (note that in India the swastika symbolizes life, light, generosity and abundance). 

We hope you like this collection of Greek key patterns and that you will use them not only for projects related to Ancient Greece, but also for projects related to more modern themes. They are simple, universal and beautiful, so it is almost impossible that a key pattern used on an item can go wrong.