Ancient Greek marquetry ornament

Ancient Greek marquetry ornament

Here you can download a simple design called ‘Ancient Greek Marquetry Ornament’, created to decorate square surfaces. The term ‘marquetry’ is included in its name because the design originates from an old book, as the image of a decoration made with marquetry technique. When you look at it, you will immediately recognize that it belongs to the ancient style of decorative art. Square ornaments of this appearance were often used for decoration in Ancient Greece, especially in architecture. To this day, on various buildings dating from the time of Ancient Greece, it is possible to see not only similar ornaments, but also completely different ornaments, only formed from the same motifs as this one here.

Ancient Greek decorative art has been amongst the most important stages in the development of art in general, and that is why a large number of ornaments like this can be found in a special category of our site, dedicated only to ornaments belonging to Ancient Greece and Rome.

Available file formats: dwg, eps and svg. Each file is individually tested.

This vectorized Greek ornament is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Ancient Greek marquetry ornament - dwg format (130.06 Kb)

Ancient Greek marquetry ornament - eps format (477.07 Kb)

Ancient Greek marquetry ornament - svg format (371.41 Kb)