Central niello ornament growing out into border

Central ornament growing out into border On this page you can download the pattern called Central niello ornament growing out into border. We have found it in an old book and named it after the inscription beneath the image of the pattern. This ornament derives its name ‘Niello’ from the book where it was found, which means that it comes from an object decorated in niello technique. Niello is a deep black alloy composed of silver, copper, lead and sulfur, which was used for decoration of precious objects made of metal. It is believed that it originated in Ancient Egypt, and continued to be popular in Ancient Rome, Byzantium and the Kiev Russia. With the niello technique, the surface of the ornamental object is incised first, and then the above alloy is inlaid in the cut.
This niello ornament is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license
For those who are dealing with vector graphics, svg and eps formats have been made available, and for those working with CAD programs, the illustrations are downloadable in dwg format.