Collection of typefounding ornaments

Collection of typefounding ornamentsOn this page you can download a collection of 15 typefounding ornaments. The typefounding industry no longer exists as the printing of books considerably changed with the appearance of computers. However, a large collection of specimen catalogues that this industry offered to printers were left behind as a legacy. The catalogues contain different typefaces, ornaments, illustrations, etc. which all can be very useful when you need simple decorations.

In order to achieve a satisfactory quality of geometry, for drawing these typefounding ornaments we used 2D CAD software. The resulting 2D CAD profiles are then transformed into vector illustrations.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Available vector formats: svg and eps
Available 2D CAD format: dwg

Collection of typefounding ornaments - DWG 2D CAD format (165.53 KB)

Collection of typefounding ornaments - EPS vector format (1.73 MB)

Collection of typefounding ornaments - SVG vector format (1.77 MB)