We found a picture of these two beautiful patterns in an old book and named them Ornamental Cabinet Patterns based on what was written in the caption below.

The book did not reveal what kind of furniture was meant to be decorated with the above patterns, but it was most probably the doors of cabinets, cupboards, dressers and the like. The patterns are rectangular and if you look more closely, you can see that both are actually made up of three patterns as follows:

  • a moulding border pattern – a border made with mouldings that divides the rectangular shape into 3 parts;
  • a carving pattern - 2 woodcuts placed in two corner surfaces above the main marquetry pattern and
  • a marquetry pattern - the main, dominant pattern located on the largest surface. As the name itself suggests, marquetry patterns are suitable for decorating with marquetry technique, i.e., they usually consist only of closed surfaces, and such patterns can also be considered stencil patterns, scroll saw patterns, laser cutting patterns, paper cutting patterns…

These two cabinet patterns have identical moulding borders and carving patterns, they differ only in the marquetry patterns; as both were drawn in the same style, it can be assumed that originally they were on the same furniture piece.


Ornamental cabinet patterns
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We assume that the patterns come from a piece of furniture from the 17th or 18th century, probably made in France or Italy. Since we are no experts in historical styles of furniture and ornaments, we are sorry to say that we cannot give you any additional information (we have already told you everything that we learnt from the book). In general, if you are interested in more information, we advise you to inform yourselves about French and Italian furniture styles between 1600 and 1850, it won’t be difficult to search for relevant texts and images on this topic on the Internet. Even our site has a special category dedicated to furniture styles. If you only need the patterns, however, feel free to download them. We hope that you will use these elegant cabinet patterns in a nice way and for some good purpose. Don’t forget that they are several hundred years old!

We recommend them to craftsmen/artisans who make fine furniture of the same style like these patterns, but since there are probably very few left on our planet, we expect more than just a few people to draw a 3D model of such a piece of furniture. We wonder, how much would a furniture piece with doors decorated  in such a way cost today, really!?


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Submitted by Ceh Jan


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