Collection of 7 circular ornaments

Collection of 7 circular ornamentsOn this page you can download seven circular ornaments which are intended to decorate square or round surface areas. The ornaments are different in style and drawn by hand-tracing of imported images (found in old books) in vector software. Circular ornaments are in high demand and frequently used, so we hope you will not waste any of your precious time and choose what you like from this beautiful collection now! Within the 2D CAD file there is only the outline of circular ornaments, and within the vector files there are colour versions,  as well as  the outline of each ornament, so that you may paint them to your liking. 
All the circular ornaments in this collection are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported  license, i.e. it can be used only non-commercially.
As always, a 2D CAD (dwg) file format is available, as well as a vector (eps and svg) file format  for those who are into graphic design.