Acanthus ornament

Acanthus ornamentThis acanthus ornament was found in a book on architecture. Acanthus is a genus of plants consisting of about 30 species and grows in the Mediterranean and Asia. In the course of history, acanthus plant  leaves have become one of the most common decorative ornamental  elements. The acanthus ornament originated in Ancient Greece and is most often found on the columns, friezes and other surfaces intended for decorating in architecture as well as arts and crafts. The acanthus ornament continued to be popular in Ancient Rome, the Byzantine Empire, during the Renaissance, and has continued to be in use to this day.

The ornament that you are offered to download here is symmetric with respect to the horizontal and vertical axis, and its original used to be located at a wrought iron gate. As with all of our free patterns, this acanthus ornament can also be downloaded as a sketch in dwg format or as a vector illustration in svg and eps formats.

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