Lozenge and roundel blackwork designs

Lozenge and roundel blackwork designsOn this page you can download an unusual pattern that we came across in an old book. Based on the caption below its image, we called it the lozenge and roundel blackwork designs. Due to our mistake, however, you can only download the roundel blackwork design here, while the lozenge blackwork design belongs to a large collection of blackwork patterns and can be found on another page: Collection of blackwork ornaments.

As stated in the old book, this pattern does not refer to the embroidery technique called blackwork embroidery, but to the technique for black enameling of jewelry.

The roundel blackwork design is rectangular in shape and consists of a circular ornament in a rectangular frame. There are several smaller ornamental designs between the ornament and the frame. The whole design looks kind of spooky, so it would be perfect for projects with ‘dark’ themes. Due to its strange appearance, it would fit very well as decoration of an alien civilization in an SF-themed project, just to give you an example! Although the design looks quite spooky, everyone will agree that it looks great, so it won’t be too difficult to get inspired and use it in a suitable way.

Roundel blackwork design is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


The available file formats: 2D cad format (dwg); vector formats (svg and eps)

Lozenge and roundel blackwork designs - dwg 2D CAD format (534.94 KB)

Lozenge and roundel blackwork designs - eps vector format (265.92 KB)

Lozenge and roundel blackwork designs - svg vector format (303.65 KB)