Knock down chair plan

Here you can download a plan for making a knock down chair. If you need a chair that meets the following criteria:
- implies simple assembly and disassembly;
- can be made with very few tools;
- construction is free of fasteners and woodworking joints;
- stock is widely available and of affordable pricing; 
- takes up very little space when unfolded;
this will be the right project for you, then! 
Knock down chair plan
Dimensions of the completed knock down chair  according to our plan are as follows: H = 610mm (24 in), L = 636mm (25 1/16in), W = 578mm (22 3/4 in).
To create this chair, you can use any type of 19mm (¾'') thick wood boards, and we recommend MDF (medium-density fibreboard).
Folding and unfolding the chair is very simple because its parts are connected to each other via interlocking notches and tabs that are cut into the chair parts.
The making of this chair is very simple, you just need to transfer the shape of the parts to wooden stock and cut them out. 
To get a precise contour of the parts, leave about 1-2mm space from the contour (on the waste side of material) while you do the cutting. Next, sand the excess material and round off all the edges on each part.
Make sure that the parts fit together and where it is necessary, further remove a little excess material using sandpaper. Finally, when the parts fit together nicely, use super fine sandpaper to make all the part surfaces smooth. The chair can be protected with varnish, paint or some other coating. If you want to keep the chair outside or wash it with water, we recommend a water-resistant coating.
The back part can be decorated in scroll saw technique, as shown in the picture above. If you need any decorative designs, please find them in the Free Patterns Category on our site.
Assembly drawing, exploded view and parts list
Knock down chair - Assembly drawing, exploded view and parts list
Part 1 - Leg
Knock down chair - Part 1 - Leg
Part 2 - Seat
Knock down chair - Part 2 - Seat
Part 3 - Back
Knock down chair - Part 3 - Back
How to assemble knock down chair
How to assemble knock down chair