Here is a plan according to which you can make two variants of a very practical backyard seating set.

Both variants have the same construction, and the only difference is that the back bench leg parts (part 2) of the second variant are extended in order to fix slats onto them that hold the canopy.

It is designed to comfortably seat 4 people or up to 6 children or small persons. If the seating set is to be used by large persons, the construction should be additionally strengthened. The great advantage of this backyard seating set is that no woodworking joints are applied in the construction, i.e., all parts are connected with wood screws and bolts. In this way, even less experienced woodworkers will be able to make this seating set, and another thing is that in wintertime it is easy to disassemble and store somewhere to prevent damage to the construction due to weather conditions. To do this without any  tools, you can use wing nuts instead of hexagon nuts.


Backyard seating set plan
Project type
Project difficulty
Skill level
for advanced beginners
for DIY enthusiasts
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby - Hand tools and power tools
Applied woodworking joints


Backyard seating set: 2164mm (85.18'') x 1800mm (70.87'') x 950mm (37.39'')

Backyard seating set with roof: 2522mm (99.28'') x 2100mm (82.68'') x 2019mm (79.47'')


The canopy construction is not much more complex, but it's up to you to decide which one to make. Canopy provides sun protection, and if you are going to place the seating set outdoors, we recommend that you make this construction. The first seating set variant can also be kept outdoors, but it is advisable to have a parasol. You have to make the canopy yourselves from some appropriate store-bought canvas. Search the Internet for as much information as possible on this topic so that you don’t have to make a new canopy every year. The influence of wind, rain and sun can be very destructive if the wrong canvas is selected or reinforcements are not sewn in. Making a canvas canopy is not complicated, especially if done by someone who is experienced with sewing. 


Exploded view and parts list
Backyard seating set
Backyard seating set - Parts list
Backyard seating set with roof
Backyard seating set with roof - Parts list


Due to simplicity of construction, the entire backyard seating set can be made using the most basic tools available in almost every home (screwdriver, drill, saw, meter ...). Of course using power tools will facilitate and speed up production. According to the plan, the dimensions of the parts and the entire seating set can be easily adjusted to your needs and dimensions of timber sold nearby.

Backyard seating sets like this can be made from different types of wood (the higher the quality of the wood, the more durable the seating set), and the only thing to pay attention to is to protect the construction from the sun and weather conditions.

We have used cup head bolts for the whole construction because they are visually more appealing.  


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Submitted by Ceh Jan