Here is a plan according to which you can make a comfortable and simple adjustable chair (lounger) that you will take delight in when sitting in the garden or yard, on the terrace, by the pool, etc.

Its further advantages are that it is also light and easy to move, and that you don’t need much knowledge or experience nor a fully equipped workshop in order to make it. This wooden chair can be adjusted to four possible positions from upright sitting position to lying down. The chair can be adjusted very quickly to the position you choose. And if you have free time, you can make pillows for the seat and back of the chair – just measure the dimensions of these parts, so the pillows match, and it will always give you comfortable and relaxing moments.


Adjustable wooden chair plan
Project type
Project difficulty
Simple, requires precision
Skill level
for advanced beginners
for DIY enthusiasts
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby - Hand tools and power tools
Applied woodworking joints
Butt joint reinforced with dowels
Tab and slot joint

Position - Second notch: W 667mm (26.26'') x L 1407mm (55.4'') x H 842.5mm (33.17'')


Exploded view and parts list
Adjustable wooden chair - Parts list
Assembly drawing
Adjustable wooden chair - Assembly drawing


Take a look at the picture and drawings of this chair, and you will see that it consists of a base and a flexible sub-assembly of the seat comprising a backrest, seat and legrest. The four notches on the chair allow adjusting the seat inclination; depending onto which notch we fit the sub-assembly of the seat, the chair is easily turned into a lounger. It should be noted that if the chair is meant for a larger-than-average person, there may be a problem when installing it onto the first notch (for the lounger version). In this case, the legrest will be dysfunctional due to the length of the person's legs, so we recommend that you insert legs (length 200 - 230 mm) to the front of the legrest to raise it from the ground.


Adjustable wooden chair - Positions


The construction of this adjustable chair is simple, the parts are of simple geometry, and every woodworker with some basic knowledge and experience can make it. Please find the details in the attached plan, so that everything gets clarified. In addition to the instructions for the making of wooden parts, there are also details for the required standard parts (screws, washers, nuts), as well as detailed step-by-step assembly instructions.

The chair also needs some quality protection against weather impacts, and since it is easy to carry, we recommend that you store it away during the winter or periods of excessive rainfall.


Download project in PDF file format
Download project (high resolution images)

Submitted by Ceh Jan