Decorative picnic table plan

Here you are offered a free woodworking plan according to which you can make one of the simplest possible garden seating set – Decorative wooden picnic table. On the Internet you can find a large number of plans for making picnic tables like this one. Thus, it is understandable that there is no need to write in detail about the construction or the making procedure, all the more because the table is quite easy to make. It is intended for outdoor use – backyard, garden, patio, fast food restaurant front, school yard ...


Decorative picnic table plan


This plan is ideal for novice enthusiasts. Purchase the boards for this free woodworking project at the shops and put some effort into measuring, cutting, drilling and joining with fasteners; after a short while you will be proud of your own hand-made picnic tables!

Connections between the parts are made with fasteners (wing nuts - no need for any tools), so it can be quickly disassembled and stored in a protected, dry place during periods when not in use (winter, rainy season...).


Disassembled picnic table


You can use both softwood and hardwood to make this beautiful and functional picnic table, and the most important thing is to protect your entire seating set from the impact of weather conditions. Finish the picnic table with polyurethane or some other water-resistant finish if it is not made of redwood, cedar or pressure-treated lumber.

As the picnic table can be completely disassembled and removed in winter or before the rainy season, for its making you may as well use cheaper wood types (lumber) that are less resistant to weathering. 

You must have seen this type of a picnic table more than once, but probably not its decorated version. We have made a woodworking plan of it, just to show that this picnic table can be very interesting if you add some decoration to it.
You can decorate your table in several ways:
- Simply paint it in a color you like, paint some decorative motifs;
- Decorate the surface of the boards using chip carving technique;
- Decorate with various carvings and by cutting in scroll saw technique


Decorated picnic table


There is a number of free patterns on our site that can be used for decoration as well.

Once your picnic table is finished, be sure not to leave out some of the proposed decorating methods. The result will make you very satisfied, you will see! 


Picnic table drawing - Subassemblies and parts list, Exploded view

Main assembly - Exploded view and parts list


Picnic table drawing - Parts drawings, Standard parts

Main assembly - Parts drawings


Tabletop subassembly drawing - Exploded view and parts list

Tabletop subassembly - Exploded view and parts list


Tabletop subassembly drawing - Parts drawings, Standard parts

Tabletop subassembly - Parts drawings


Seat subassembly drawing - Parts drawings, Standard parts

Seat subassembly - Exploded view and parts list


Seat subassembly drawing - Parts drawings, Standard parts

Seat subassembly - Parts drawings