If you need a strong and durable seating set for your yard, kitchen or tavern, on this page you can find a plan by which you can make one just as described.

Due to its durable construction it is ideal for ‘beer houses’ or pubs, as suggested by its very name. This seating set has been tested in practice because its measurements and design have been taken in a real-life pub where such seating sets have served for more than 10 years.


Beer seating set plan
Project type
Project difficulty
Skill level
for DIY enthusiasts
for intermediate experienced woodworker
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby – Hand tools, power tools and machines
Applied woodworking joints
Keyed mortise and tenon joint


Table dimensions in our plan: L 805mm (31.69''), W 1800 mm (70.87'') and H 750mm (29.53'').
Bench dimensions in our plan:L 625mm (24.6''), W 1800 mm (70.87'') and H 999mm (39.33'').
Chair dimensions in our plan: L 625mm (24.6''), W 500 mm (19.69'') and H 999mm (39.33'').


The seating set made according to our plan is intended for 8 persons drinking beer. However, if you also want to serve food on the table, then only 6 persons can be seated (the chairs are superfluous). The plan contains drawings to help you make a table, benches and chairs, just keep in mind that the chair is simply a narrowed version of the bench (bench width is adapted to one person). Based on the plan, you can easily adjust this seating set to various purposes: for a changing number of persons, just for drinks, for serving meals, etc. 


Exploded view and parts list
Beer seating set - Subassembly list
Beer seating set - Table parts list
Beer seating set - Bench parts list
Beer seating set - Chair parts list
Assembly drawing
Beer seating set - Table assembly drawing
Beer seating set - Bench assembly drawing
Beer seating set - Chair assembly drawing

When it comes to woodworking joints, only the wedged tusk tenon and the mortise joint have been used, and all other connections between the parts were made with fasteners that we have tried to hide as much as possible. Although we have also tried to considerably simplify the construction, the making of this seating set is definitely not suitable for beginners.

You can use either hardwood or softwood, but if the seating set needs to withstand intensive use, it is better to use hardwood. Since all the parts are rather thick, you can decorate them with carvings or some simple scroll saw ornaments. Thus, this seating set will become even more attractive and will surely attract people's attention. 

If you are going to keep the seating set outside exposed to the elements, plan to protect it as best you can, because the entire set is very heavy to carry and requires two people to manipulate it.

On our site there is another plan for making a similar seating set, and you can find it by clicking on the following link: Lager seating set plan


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Submitted by Ceh Jan