Here is a plan that will help you build a folding chair of a very simple construction.

It is intended for outdoor use – your garden, patio or terrace, where you may sit in some quiet corner to enjoy yourselves. A distinct feature of this chair is that it is light, simple and can be folded easily and stored, which is very important when the weather conditions are bad. In the picture you can see the chair in the folded and unfolded position.


Folding chair plan
Project type
Project difficulty
Skill level
for beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Basic hand toools
Basic power tools
Applied woodworking joints
Butt joint reinforced with fasteners

L 752mm (29.61in), W 575mm (22.64in) and H 665mm (26.18in)


If you take a closer look at the picture, you can notice that the construction of this chair is the same as of a deck chair (porch chair); the only difference is that the seat is not made of canvas, but of wood. Because of this, the legs are somewhat larger so that battens (Parts 3 – Seat crossbar) can be attached to them. The size of the legs allows you to design them in various shapes, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that the edge (to which the battens are attached) must remain flat or slightly concave.

The main criterion for designing this chair was that it can be quickly and cheaply made by people who do not often engage in woodworking and do not have an equipped workshop. For this reason, we have:

  • Wooden chair parts - all four legs are of the same simple shape, and the crossbar parts are identical, only their length is different.
  • Fasteners - all chair parts are connected with fasteners, i.e., there are no woodworking joints used in its construction.

Also, one of the criteria while designing this chair was that it should take as little space as possible in the folded position, which is very important if you have a lack of space.


Exploded view and parts list
Folding chair - Parts list
Assembly drawing
Folding chair - Assembly drawing


The chair made according to this plan is not meant for big and heavy people, although it can be easily adjusted to suit them, too, by slightly increasing the dimensions of the chair (its parts), using high quality hardwood and additional strengthening of the first section of the crossbar (Part 3) in line on which the legs parts lean and form the seat. 

If you decide to build a folding chair based on the plan given, we hope you will be satisfied with the result. Anyway, it would be nice of you to share your impressions with us!

Apply the finish of your choice.


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Submitted by Ceh Jan