On this page you can download a plan to create an attractive plant stand called the ‘Buckboard cart flower pot holder plan’.

This plan for making a buckboard cart flower pot holder is for anyone who wants to have a nice yard and garden. So, what exactly makes a garden an agreeable place to spend your time in? Everybody knows that trees, flowers and pots can be a real winning combination to make the place special and to make you feel special in it. With some garden furniture added to it all, your garden will be even more beautiful, and therefore your enjoyment of it will be much greater. The buckboard cart plant holder that you can make according to this plan is just one of the items that can greatly attribute to the beauty of your ’special place’. 

Buckboard cart flower pot holder plan
Project difficulty
Skill level
for experienced woodworker
for intermediate experienced metalworker
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby - Hand tools and power tools
Welding machine
Applied woodworking joints
Round mortise and tenon joint
Box joint
Mitered bridle joint

W 870mm (34.25'') x L 1900mm (74.8'') x H 800mm (31.5'')


It can hold a large number of pots of various sizes with different types of flowers. A combination of this plant holder with beautiful flowers can serve as a nice decoration in the yard/garden or on the porch if the space is not too limited. The structure of this plant holder can be divided into two sub-assemblies, one called ‘frame’ and the other ‘wooden box’. The frame is a simple welded tube structure to which four wheels are fixed. The wheels are made of metal, and the wrought iron looks are obtained by welding C-shape scrolls along the wheel circumference. Of course, if you have some ideas and love what wrought iron structures look like, you can use various other types of scrolls to achieve a completely different look of this plant holder. The wheels can be rotated, making it much easier to move the plant holder from one place to another. The wooden box is just a simple box that is placed on the frame and serves to put flower pots in it. To prevent the wind from knocking down the pots, sidewalls are mounted on the box, which are decorated with wooden sections made on a lathe.


Exploded view and parts list
Buckboard cart flower pot holder - Sub-assembly list
Assembly drawing
Buckboard cart flower pot holder - Assembly drawing


The complete appearance of the buckboard cart flower pot holder is very elegant, and if you choose the right combination of flowers, you will surely obtain an extremely beautiful decoration to get everyone's attention. We advise you to carefully choose the types of flowers for this plant holder, because it won’t make any sense to create such a beautiful garden structure if it gets overgrown and barely visible.

By the way, on our site you can find other two similar plans for making garden carriages to hold your flower pots: Horse drawn wagon flower pot stand plan and Garden coach plant holder Theresia plan. The plan has been drawn to be compatible with the plan for making a horse-drawn wagon flower pot stand, which means that you can put the flower box subassembly from this plan on the frame subassembly from the other plan and vice versa. To make it all clear to you, take a look at the picture below to see what it would look like. If you like this combination, download both plans and make the flower pot stand that you want.

Coat the frame assembly first with primer paint and then apply two coats of metal paint (we recommend black to make the construction look like wrought iron). Apply some weatherproof coating to the wooden box assembly and choose the color you want. If you are going to place the plant holder in the open air, drill holes in the bottom of the structure to allow water to drain out.


Iron wheel wagon flower pot stand
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Submitted by Ceh Jan