With the free project that you can download on this page you can make a Flower pot stand, a perfect decoration for your garden, patio, deck or home.

Plants enrich our space, they make the ambient more pleasurable and people to feel better. There is almost no home, office, restaurant or hotel that does not have pot plants. Smaller plants always look better and they can be placed closer to the source of light if they are lifted from the floor to the window sill or some piece of furniture. In addition, plants look nicer and grow better when in group – when more pots are placed together. This way they look more natural, because the plants in nature grow together.


Flower pot stand plan
Project type
Project difficulty
Skill level
for advanced beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby - Hand tools and power tools
Applied woodworking joints

W 1590mm (62.58'') x D 748mm (29.46'') x H 1220mm (48.03'')


Flower pot stand is an ideal solution for anyone who has larger number of pot plants. This pot stand can equally serve for indoor and outdoor use. It is especially appropriate for smaller plants that can take plenty of space in your home or garden. This way, if placed on the stepwise and round-spaced shelves it is easy to approach to each pot, water it and work with it. If you spill water while watering, it will not damage your furniture, as this would happen if you keep your flower pot on the furniture or on the floor. Instead, water will stay on the plant stand. Pot stand is high enough, so you could easily wipe the water off the floor under it. Just put it on a place in your home with plenty of light and it will bring a part of nature in your home. If you keep it in your home, your plants will grow better, because when close one to another, they will make more natural microclimate. Plants should be arranged in such way, so that the plants that require more light are put on upper shelves, and the plants that tolerate poor light on the lower ones. If you wish to keep it outside, put it on a place protected from the strong wind – and the best solution is to be put against the wall, so the wind can not knock down plants from the shelves.


Exploded view and parts list
Flower pot stand - Exploded view (Front view)
Flower pot stand - Parts list
Flower pot stand - Exploded view (Back view)
Assembly drawing
Flower pot stand - Assembly drawing

If you plan it for indoor use, you can make it out of some softer types of wood, but in that case we recommend a careful preparation of wood finishing, so it will match with other furniture in your home. If you wish to keep it outside, you should make it out of the hardwood that is designed for outdoor furniture, because it will have to tolerate various weather conditions. In this case we recommend proper finishing. In both cases, while assembling, be sure to fasten the joints firmly, because the Flower pot stand has to tolerate weight of the pots, soil, plants and even water after watering. You should also pay attention to the wood protection, because you can expect there will be often spilled water on the Flower pot stand. Maximal protection of wood surface should protect it from the water damage.

You can use nails instead of wood screws. In that case, you do not have to drill the pilot holes. You will need some additional tools (clamps,…) to assemble this Pot Stand, and it will be more than welcome one more pair of hands during this step.

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