Leaf 3D Ornament

Leaf 3D OrnamentThe leaf 3D ornament is a very simple bas-relief modeled with Rhino 3D CAD software and T-splines plug-in for Rhino. This 3D model has been created on the basis of the 2D pattern found under the following link: Brushwork Natural Form

The leaf 3D ornament is symmetric with respect to the y axis and intended to decorate a rectangular surface area. You can use it for your 3D CAD projects or you can make it with the help of a CNC milling machine or by hand carving in wood.

By adjusting its dimensions, the leaf ornament can be used as facade or wall decoration,  a decorative element on various furniture pieces, etc...

This 3D model is under : Creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license

The Leaf Ornament 3D model can be downloaded in the following file formats: STEP and OBJ

Leaf 3D Ornament - .obj mesh 3D model (zip - 479.28 KB)

Leaf 3D Ornament - .stp NURBS 3D model (zip - 2.83 MB)