Outdoor structures can be made of various materials such as wood, metal and recycled plastic. Steel and wood are suitable for DIY projects and recycled plastic is used only in industrial conditions.

In these articles, outdoor structures mean: Park equipment, playground  equipment and outdoor recreation equipment but all that is written here can also be applied to a variety of other structures, such as: Dog agility equiment, gazebos, pergolas, fences...

Outdoor structures are often installed in places where they are particularly susceptible to damage due to adverse external influences, such as:

  • along the roads or sidewalks that are sprinkled with salt or other snow melting agents in the winter;
  • in areas with very high humidity throughout the year;
  • near or around saltwater environments (ocean, sea...)
  • in places where they are exposed to rain, sun, moisture, etc.

These are the environments that heavily influence materials (i.e. their properties) during their lifecycle. Therefore it is essential that completed outdoor structures are well-protected.



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