3D models of pendants for necklaces

On this page you can download five 3D models of necklace pendants. All of them have been created in Rhinoceros 3D CAD software and its T-Splines Plug-in. Mastering the T-Splines Plug-in is very useful when it comes to transformation of polygonal mesh 3D models into Nurbs 3D models. The pendants look very interesting, for sure. If you create one or more pieces yourself, we will be very pleased to receive some pics from you to see how they look in reality.
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported 
In the pictures you can see what they look like and you can download them in .stp (NURBS) or .obj (polygonal mesh) 3D file formats.
Pendant for necklaces 1

Pendant for necklaces 2

Pendant for necklaces 3

Pendant for necklaces 4

Pendant for necklaces 5