3D models of pendants with Voronoi pattern

Here you can download 3D models of two pendants that are very attractive because they have a Voronoi-based shape. 
The first pendant has an elliptical base, and it is symmetrical in relation to the plane in which the elliptical base is drawn. The second pendant has a circular base and, since it has no other side, it is not symmetrical. If you want to have the other side as well, you can easily make it in any 3D program. 
Both 3D models have been modeled in Rhino 3D CAD program and its Grasshopper and T-Splines plug-ins. Use the Grasshopper plug-in to generate the Voronoi pattern and the Rhino 3D software and T-Splines plug-in to make the 3D structure. Only polygonal mesh 3D model in .obj file format is offered for download, as the files of these 3D models in NURBS 3D formats are very large.
Both 3D models are under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
Ellipsoidal pendant with Voronoi pattern