In this pattern collection you can find a large number of frames, whereby the term ‘frames’ means enclosing borders that aim to make the surrounding objects more beautiful and attractive.

Frames can be of different shapes and styles, as you can see in this collection, too. If you are into graphic design, some kind of art or object decorating, you will probably need a variety of frame patterns. Feel free to visit our frames category, and choose one that suits you.


On this page you can download the rectangular ornamental frame whose appearance can be seen in the picture.


On this page you can download frame border design in the Renaissance style.

Here you can download two very attractive scroll line borders designed to decorate horizontal rectangular surfaces.

As you can see in the picture, we have put at your disposal a frame pattern suitable for scroll saw technique.

On this page you can download three frame border designs suitable for the sgraffito decorating technique.

Here you are presented with two rectangular frame patterns named ‘Showcard border vectors’.

On this page you can download a simple frame vector that we named the Sign border vector.

If you need a free pattern for decorating with marquetry technique, on this page we have provided one named table marquetry decoration.

If you need a vertical rectangular scroll frame border, here is one - more than 100 years old and called the ‘stylus border vector’.

Here you can download an elegant frame border descriptively named the Title page border in Art Nouveau style.

On this page you can download 5 scroll line frame borders called vectorized Bowman borders, based on the caption in an old typographic catalog where they were found.

On this page you can download two frame borders named ‘vintage scroll vector borders’.

If you need attractive scroll border patterns with lots of details and decorations, these two here may fit your criteria.

Here you can download two wreath ornamental decorations drawn while mastering 2D CAD software.