Page border with scrolls

Page border with scrolls

On this page you can download an interesting vintage border of rectangular shape which we have descriptively called the page border with scrolls.


The border consists of a simple frame and 2 paper scroll designs, one covering the entire lower horizontal side, and the other a larger portion of the upper side. While leafing through an old book, this border instantly caught our attention by its beauty. The upper paper scroll design has an ellipse in the middle where you can insert some text, design or illustration; originally, in the book, this space was filled with an illustration. The lower paper scroll design has a large blank space, and in the book it had some text inserted about the publisher. Also, the entire border has a large blank space that was filled up with the book contents. From the description, there is no doubt that this was a very nicely edited contents page of the book.

We recommend that you download this scroll border as it may come in handy for some projects, and you could also set aside the paper scroll designs and use them independently when the need arises. The dimensions of this border were adapted to the format of the book in which we found it; by cutting and extending the lines that make up the frame you can make a border of dimensions that fit your needs. As you have already noticed, we have not painted the border but only the background, and it is up to you to paint it depending on its use.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported


This free border vector is available in dwg, eps, and svg file formats.

Page border with scrolls - dwg file (140.07 Kb)

Page border with scrolls - eps file (161.26 Kb)

Page border with scrolls - svg file (120.13 Kb)