Holly border vector

Holly border vector

On this page you can download a simple vector that we named the Holly border vector. As you can see from the picture, here you are offered 3 design elements, and in addition you are given one example on how to combine them to create a corner ornament. Based on these three design elements you can form border patterns of various shapes, appearances and dimensions. All 3 border design elements consist of stems of the holly plant on which leaves and fruits are arranged. 

The corner ornament can be placed in the corners of the border pattern you are designing. Certainly the border pattern formed with these design elements can have symmetry axes as these 3 design elements have ends so designed that, after copying with respect to symmetry axis, they really look nice next to each other. 

Holly border vector comes from the book "Desk book of type specimens, borders, ornaments, brass rules and cuts: catalogue of printing machinery and printers' supplies", published in 1900 (Author: American Type Founders Company).

The holly plant is associated with Christmas in Western European culture, so at that time you can often see it in various illustrations or Christmas decorations. Very often the holly plant is represented as a wreath, which has to do with Christian symbolism. This plant is also used in heraldry, and it symbolizes truth. 

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This free border vector is available in 2D CAD (dwg) and vector (eps, and svg) file formats.