Brier stencil border vector

Brier stencil border vector

Here you can download a border vector (see picture) called the brier stencil border vector. We found it in the old catalog: Desk book of type specimens, borders, ornaments, brass rules and cuts: catalogue of printing machinery and printers 'supplies", published in 1900 (Author: American Type Founders Company).


Actually, we learned its original name (Brier border) from the catalog where we found it, and we just added the term ‘stencil’ because the entire border was drawn using the stencil drawing technique. In botany, the term ‘brier’ (also spelt ‘briar’) refers to plants that have a woody stem full of thorns such as the rose, blackberry, etc. The border consists of rose flowers and buds that are interconnected by stems with leaves and thorns. The bottom part also features a stylized rose root. The border is angular in shape, and it is easy to form a border with it.

You can form a border:
- with one brier border design by placing it in one of the corners; this way,  the brier border will serve as a corner decoration, and due to its specific appearance it will somewhat resemble a border;
- by placing the brier border design in two opposite corners of a rectangular border;
- or by placing a brier border design in each corner of a rectangular border.

If you single out the design elements (flower, bud, leaves) that make up this border, you can use them to create a large number of different designs. It is enough to draw a stem with thorns of a shape that fits you, and then arrange flowers, buds and leaves on it.

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This free border vector is available in 2D CAD (dwg) and vector (eps, and svg) file formats formats.

Brier stencil border vector - dwg format (317.23 Kb)

Brier stencil border vector - eps format (473.52 Kb)

Brier stencil border vector - dwg format (225.16 Kb)