Knickerbocker ornates - Art nouveau border designs

Knickerbocker ornates - Art nouveau border designs

Here you can download an Art Nouveau border. It has been discovered in an old typographic catalog, where it was named ‘Knickerbocker ornates’. So, now you know how we have come up with the name of this border!

Looking at the picture, you will quickly notice that the whole border pattern is actually formed by several Art Nouveau design elements. Within the border pattern, there are all the design elements of which it has been formed, and also several design elements that haven’t been used. By importing one of the files that you can download here into 2D CAD or vector software, following the same principle you can form border patterns of different appearance and dimensions. The Art Nouveau design elements at your disposal are quite beautiful, so feel free to use them independently in some projects of yours. The Art Nouveau style of applied art may have been short lived, but the patterns drawn at the time, as you can see, can still be used for various purposes today. Otherwise, it should be emphasized that these Art Nouveau design elements were very often used in the late 19th and early 20th centuries because they belonged to several typographic catalogs; also, they can be often seen in various old books and magazines used as ornaments.

We hope you like the design elements we have drawn for you, and that, with the help of them, you will be interested enough to create some border designs yourselves!

Knickerbocker ornates are available in three different file formats: dwg, eps and svg

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Knickerbocker ornates - dwg format (zip - 1.35 Mb)

Knickerbocker ornates - eps format (zip - 1.14 Mb)

Knickerbocker ornates - svg format ( 2.41 Mb)