Foliage sign layout

Foliage sign layout
On this page you can download foliage sign layout in the Art Nouveau style which are intended to decorate vertical rectangular surface areas. The sign has three horizontal surfaces for text insertion with interweaving branches and leaves around them. We have found it on the cover page of an old German book dealing with graphic editing of books. Hopefully, this beautiful foliage sign will inspire you to use it in in some of your future graphic or craft projects.
Foliage Sign Layout is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike  Unported license. 
In the picture you can see what the sign look like and if you have an idea how to use them, you can download them in 2D CAD (dwg) or vector (svg and eps) file formats. 

Foliage sign layout - dwg file (343.83 Kb)

Foliage sign layout - eps file (704.15 Kb)

Foliage sign layout - svg file (642.99 Kb)