Adjustable 4 corner framing clamp plan

Adjustable 4 corner framing clamp can be easily made out of various scraps left from the previous projects and its functionality is the same as that of the commercial framing clamps. Adjustable 4 corner framing clamps can often be found under the term picture framing clamp, because the clamps are suitable for clamping picture frames, mirror frames and also for fastening similar assemblies. 
Adjustable 4 corner framing clamp features:
-    It will apply equal pressure on all four corners of a frame
-    You can use them for the square frames, as well as for the rectangular frames,
-    If the corner blocks are made precisely, this type of clamps will ensure permanent 90 degrees of the angles,
-    They are suitable both for hobbyists and professionals,
-    Tightens all four corner joints equally and simultaneously with just the turn of a central wing nut.

Out of all glued joints, the miter joints are considered as the most difficult to clamp. With the adjustable 4 corner framing clamp this job can be done quickly and efficiently, so this type of clamp should be common for anyone who manufactures the picture frames, mirror frames or similar square or rectangular frames that are not too high when in the horizontal position.

Pay attention when making corner block parts, because the quality of the future frames you make depend on the cut precision of the 90 degrees angle.

Adjustable 4 corner framing clamp (PDF - 7 Pages, 604Kb)

Adjustable 4 corner framing clamp plan

Adjustable 4 corner framing clamp plan - Parts list
Adjustable 4 corner framing clamp plan - Parts list
Clamping a frame:
1.    Place the clamp on the working surface.
2.    Put glue on the contact surfaces of the corner joints and place the frame flat inside the frame clamp.
3.    On each of the frame corners place the corner block. Each corner block secures one of the corners of the frame.
4.    When everything lays on the working surface as it should, all that is left is to pull the center blocks toward each other, and that is done by tightening wing nuts.

Tightening the clamp can be done with the axle and wing nuts, as it is shown in our plan, or with C clamp and handscrew clamp.