Retro rocket 3D model

Retro rocket 3D model

On this page you can download the 3D model of a retro rocket whose appearance (concept) was very popular in science-fiction films and comics at the beginning/in the middle of the last century. A similar shape of the rocket can be found in Steampunk and Dieselpunk genres of SF art which are very popular nowadays.

The Retro Rocket 3D model has emerged while mastering Rhino 3D software, and it is one of the first 3D models on this website that has been modeled in this CAD software.The 3D rocket model is well-drawn with NURBS surfaces and, due to the great popularity of retro SF culture, we believe that it will be downloaded by a large number of people who will find it quite useful. If you use this retro 3D rocket model in your project, we would like you to send us pictures of your work because we personally are great fans of SF art.

The 3D model consists of 67 surfaces joined into a closed polysurface. It does not have any nude or non manifold edges.


The Retro Rocket 3D model that you can download here is under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license and it is for personal use only. 


Available file formats:
- Rhino native file format (3DM)
- Standard for the Exchange of Product model data file format (STEP) 

Retro rocket 3D model - .3dm file format (zip - 669.72 KB)

Retro rocket 3D model - .stp file format (zip - 373.6 KB)