On this page you can download a 3D model of the War Club from the island of Fiji.

There are over 30 models of Fijian war clubs, and this model is called the ’Sali Fijian Club’, also often found under the names of ’Cali Club’ or ’Tebetebe’. The existence of such a large number of types of native weapons testifies that during the history there have been many wars and conflicts in Fiji. They were most often used in combat, so the majority of the types were crafted depending on fighting scenarios (fighting in the jungle or in an open space, meant for throwing, hitting or cutting). Clubs like these were often used in rituals, but also represented status symbols. The clubs of the greatest value were those used to kill a large number of enemies; such clubs were kept in temples and became ritual objects in the end. The ’sali’war club, along with the similar ’gata’ war club, is one of the most widely used weapons in Fiji. It has some kind of an angled cutting edge designed to cut through and snap bones and a pronounced spur.


War club from the island of Fiji 3D model
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Rhino 3D

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.stp (Solid 3D model) and .3dm (Rhinoceros software surface 3D model)


This is a well-designed 3D model that can be used it in various 3D projects dealing  with the Pacific and the culture of the peoples living there. These clubs were often decorated with carvings, but we have not drawn any on our 3D model. This 3D model has been created based on the image of the war club found on the island of Fiji.

If you make use of our Fijian War Club 3D model, please send us a link or picture so that we can see the result.


Submitted by Ceh Jan