Wooden spoon 3D model

Wooden spoon 3D modelOn this web page you can download a 3D model of a wooden spoon. The spoon shape has been taken from an old book concerning the subject matter of woodcarving and hand-craft. The 3D model is created in Rhino 3D software with 3D surfaces. After modeling, it consists of only 3 surfaces and can be used for work with the CNC machine or a 3D printer.
This 3D model is available for download only as NURBS 3D model (surface model in .3dm format (Rhino 3D native file format) and a solid model in .stp format).
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
For all those who want a hand-carved wooden spoon we offer an reference drawings (from original old book: Hand-craft : the most reliable basis of technical education in schools and classes; Published 1890; AuthorJohn D. Sutcliffe, ) with 2 views (and a three cross sections) of the spoon. 
Original reference drawing of a spoon from old book
If you are interested in how we have managed to draw this 3D spoon model, you can watch the video made during 3D modeling: will be published soon