On this page you can download a printing ready 3D model of the little house that is often seen in cartoons or children’s books and comic books.

The Mushroom House 3D model is drawn using Rhino 3D CAD software and T-splines plugin for Rhino. We have drawn the shape of the house in T splines plugin and transformed it into Rhino polysurface.

With the commands of Rhino software we have added the doors and the window. The initial form of the house can be drawn with Rhino commands as well. However, drawing organic 3D shapes is far easier in T splines plugin.


Mushroom house 3D model
3D CAD software used for modeling

Rhino 3D + T-splines plug-in (Trial version)

Available NURBS and BREP file formats

stp (Standardized 3D graphic exchange file format) - Solid 3D model;  .3dm (Rhino 3D software native file format) - Surface 3D model

Available polygonal mesh file formats

.stl (stereolithography)

STL Mesh - 3D printing ready (The 3D model is not hollowed); Triangles only;  Vertices: 88092;  Edges: 264270;  Faces: 176180


You are offered a completed 3D model of the house and a 3D model of the initial surface, so that you can model it yourself the way you like.

Mushroom house initial 3D surface


Download 3D model (polygonal mesh)

Submitted by Ceh Jan