On this page you can download a plan for making a simple yet effective 3 tier wall shelf made from a combination of wood and wrought iron.

Combination of wrought iron and wood can give an exquisite look to any room in your house, and it will fit well into any home decor, from contemporary to traditional. The planks of wood and decorative shelf brackets underneath are capable to support quite heavy things so it could easily become a bookshelf in your study room, or instead in living room, this shelf can be placed outside and hold few flower pots. Additionally, the wooden parts can be replaced with glass, so you can have a glass shelf that will perfectly stand in your bathroom.

As designed, this wrought iron project has three shelves. However, you can easily add more shelves or make them shorter, if you need to. You can also adjust the spacing between the shelves to accommodate larger or smaller items.


3 tier scroll wall shelf plan
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Hobby - Hand tools and power tools
Welding machine

The shelf dimensions according to this plan are L 1468mm (57,8'') x D 268mm (10,55'') x  H 991mm (39.02'') but, as we have already mentioned, you can freely customize them to your needs, which is easy to do and often necessary. 


Exploded view and parts list
3 tier scroll wall shelf - Parts list
Assembly drawing
3 tier scroll wall shelf - Assembly drawing


The shelf looks really nice, and its crafting is possible without the slightest difficulty, so any beginner with a poorly equipped workshop can embark on this project. The wrought iron scrolls (part 3 – Spiral supports) demand the greatest effort; if you do not have a scroll bender, scrolls of similar dimensions can be ordered online for home delivery or bought at the shops that sell wrought iron components. Also, they can be crafted manually. All the other parts are simple geometry and very easy to make. Make the shelves from some hardwood, e.g. oak, and make sure to choose well-dried wood with nice texture. We recommend that you make each shelf by gluing together several laths (edge gluing board) in order to prevent any distortion of the shelf over time. Fix the shelves to the metal construction with wood screws. The metal parts can be fixed to each other by welding, using rivets or self-tapping screws.
Cover the wooden pieces with some kind of finish(oil, varnish , stain + varnish ….), and the metal parts with primer paint; then paint any color you like.
Mount the complete shelf to the wall with anchors and screws.


Download project in PDF file format
Download project (high resolution images)

Submitted by Ceh Jan