With this free metalworking plan you can make garden bicycle plant holder, a perfect decoration for your garden, patio or backyard.

This charming decorative wrought iron bicycle plant stand sculpture is outstanding piece for any type of garden. Its classic elegance will not only draw attention to all of the guests and neighbors, but it will also be a great peaceful object to look at and rest your mind. On its beautiful wrought iron body, bicycle plant stand has four baskets in the back, one in the middle and one on the seat. With a good selection of the plants, this garden plant holder will bring delight to you for a many, many seasons. The bicycle plant holder is entirely made of metal, its crafting requires a lot of experience and at least basic knowledge of metal processing (cutting, bending, welding ...), as well as a lot of your time that you are willing to spend on it.


Garden bicycle plant holder plan
Project type
Project difficulty
Advanced, requires precision and experience
Skill level
for intermediate experienced metalworker
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby – Hand tools, power tools and machines
Welding machine

W 422mm (16.61'') x L 1629mm (64.13'') x 982mm (38.64'')


Since the finished plant holder is supposed to find its place in the garden, exposed to the elements, we recommend that you protect all the metal surfaces with some primer paint and do the finish painting with a color you like. Also, we recommend that the entire bicycle plant holder is painted with a color that makes metal look aged, thus creating the rust and patina effect for more  rustic/antique appeal. Today there are many such colors for metal that can be purchased at reasonable prices. 

If you do not have the time or skills needed to make this plant holder, try to find a discarded vintage bicycle that can be refurbished and repainted; then shop for  some complementary baskets (or make them yourselves) and weld/mount them to the bike. In this way, you might get a bicycle plant holder not as attractive as the one in our project, but it will certainly be a nice garden decoration created with far less effort and at a lower price. 


Exploded view and parts list
Garden bicycle plant holder - Parts list
Garden bicycle plant holder - Parts list table
Assembly drawing
Garden bicycle plant holder - Assembly drawing
Garden bicycle plant holder - Assembly drawing A1
Garden bicycle plant holder - Assembly drawing B1
Garden bicycle plant holder - Assembly drawing A2
Garden bicycle plant holder - Assembly drawing B2

However, if you have made up your mind and you have the necessary skills, do not hesitate to make this bicycle plant holder based on our drawings, and feel free to redesign it to your liking. On the Internet there is a large number of pictures of bicycle plant holders that can give you ideas on how your bicycle should look like, what basket size to choose, whether you prefer front or rear baskets, etc.

If you are interested in smaller-sized bicycle plant holders, here are two interesting projects that you can find on the following links: Garden tricycle plant holder plan, Rustic tricycle planter plan.

We hope that you are pleased with this welding project of ours, and that you will share your experience by sending us the photos of your own finished projects. 


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Submitted by Ceh Jan