Rustic tricycle planter plan

Here you can download a plan for making a Rustic tricycle planter.
This beautiful rustic tricycle plant stand is great piece of garden decor, but it can be placed also inside your home. On its beautiful wrought iron tricycle body planter has three baskets, where you can put flowerpots and amaze your friends and family with the beautiful sight.
Rustic tricycle planter plan
This is a relatively simple project for beginners, which ultimately results in very fine decoration that, together with carefully selected flowers kept in some nice pots, can make a great contribution to the appearance of your room, balcony, terrace, porch, etc. You can make the whole project from 6-10mm thick concrete reinforcing wire (the thicker the wire, the more difficult it will be to bend it). To make the parts, you will need an angle grinder for wire cutting and a manual bending machine, which can easily bend the wire into the shape required. Fix the parts to each other by welding.
Since concrete reinforcing wire is prone to rust, the assembled tricycle planter should be thoroughly cleaned from rust, grease and dirt, then protected with primer paint and finally painted with some metal color. Today, it is easy to shop for various special colors that give a rustic look or the appearance of antique wrought iron to assemblies like (this is called the rust and patina effect). This planter is especially suitable for plants that are not too lush, so it does not get overgrown. We think that it is an ideal project to inspire you to make several pieces and give them away as nice presents to your loved ones, or even sell them at some handicrafts fair. 
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All the information you need to build this Rustic tricycle planter is shown in the drawings.

Rustic tricycle planter parts list
Rustic tricycle planter plan - Parts list

Rustic tricycle planter assembly 2D drawing
Rustic tricycle planter plan - Assembly 2D drawing

Iron rustic tricycle planter plan ( PDF ) - 4,59Mb; 21 Pages