Iron hand truck plant holder plan

On this page there is a plan with the help of which you can make a plant holder that is similar in appearance to a vintage hand truck. The vintage look of the plant holder, beautiful flowers and pots will add more charm to your chosen space. A combination of natural colors of flowers and a black-brown color of the plant holder will draw everyone’s attention in a space dominated by wood construction. There are three shelves that can hold flowerpots, as well as two wheels to allow you to easily manipulate or move the plant holder on flat and hard surfaces. The shelves are made of wood, but they can also be made from steel rods if you like. 

Iron hand truck plant holder plan

Iron hand truck plant stand plan ( PDF ) - 9,03Mb; 33 Pages

Iron hand truck plant holder parts list
Iron hand truck plant holder plan - Parts list

Iron hand truck plant holder assembly 2D drawing
Iron hand truck plant holder plan - Assembly drawing

Iron hand truck plant holder - Screw position
Iron hand truck plant holder plan - Screws positions

The construction consists of many parts, but they are not too complex and can be made quite easily. The only problem could be the parts that have scrolls at the ends since these need to be bent with a metal bender. The parts are interconnected by welding, and the shelves are screwed to the construction of the plant holder.  The holes on the parts Big Shelf (item 10), Medium Shelf (item 12) and Small Shelf (item 14) should be drilled during the assemblage. Distances between the holes and the edges of items are given only to get approximate picture about their sizes, but you will get the exact measurements of distances during the montage procedure and it depends on measurements of spiral rods after their bending. You can fix the shelves in various ways, so feel free to change the way suggested in our plan. 

We named this construction ‘plant holder’, but it can also be used for keeping books, decorative boxes, clothes ... it all depends on your needs and ideas. If you use it as a plant holder, note that the flowers do not cover the whole construction because the best effect will be if it is partly visible behind the greenery. 

As you can see in the picture and drawings in the plan, this is a very nice and useful piece of wrought-iron furniture that can be used for various purposes, which will surely beautify the corner/nook where you place it. We hope you like, and we will be really glad if you decide to make it!