On this page we have published a few bench press plans, to build benches required to perform press exercises.

Depending on the type of attachments, such benches can be usually found under the following names: Bench press bench, bench press fitness equipment and bench press fitness machine. Bench press is an effective training option for every home gym.

There are 5 plans altogether that will help you make: 

  • Flat bench with Independent Bench Press Stands
  • Flat bench with Independent Bench Press Stands and leg developer attachment
  • Olympic flat bench 
  • Olympic flat bench with barbell plate storage 
  • Olympic flat bench with barbell plate storage and leg developer attachment

The bench press is an upper-body weight training exercise and is one of the most popular exercises. A barbell is generally used to hold the weight, but a pair of dumbbells can also be used. This type of exercise is used to develop upper-body strength. The following muscles develop the most: pectorals, anterior deltoids, triceps brachii and latissimus dorsi. If you want to develop leg muscles as well, make sure to create a bench version with a leg developer attachment.


Flat bench press plans
Project type
Project difficulty
Medium, requires experience
Skill level
for DIY enthusiasts
for intermediate experienced metalworker
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby - Hand tools and power tools
Welding machine

Flat bench presses

Flat bench press: W 419mm (16.14'') x L 1570mm (61.81'') x H 570mm (22.44'')
Stand: 400mm (15.75'') x 360mm (14.17'') x Minimal height 1105mm (43.5'')
Leg developer: 410mm (16.14'') x 450mm (17.72'') x H 431mm (17'')


Olympic flat bench presses

Olympic flat bench press: W 1060mm (47.3'') x L 1550mm (61.02'') x H 1280mm (50.39'')
Olympic flat bench press with plate storage: W 1310mm (51.57'') x L 1818mm (71.57'') x H 1280mm (50.39'')
Olympic flat bench press with plate storage and leg developer: W 1310mm (51.57'') x L 2259mm (88.96'') x H 1280mm (50.39'')


Exploded view and parts list
Flat bench press plan
Flat bench press - Parts list
Stand - Parts list
Flat bench press with leg developer plan
Leg developer - Parts list
Olympic flat bench press plan
Olympic flat bench press - Parts list
Olympic flat bench press with plate storage plan
Plate storage sub-assembly - Parts list
Olympic flat bench press with leg developer and plate storage plan
Leg developer sub-assembly - Parts list

Barbell Bench Press Instructions

  • Lie flat on your back on a bench
  • Grip the bar with hands
  • Push the bar upwards until arms are extended
  • Lower the bar to chest level
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.


The structure of these benches is not complicated to make, but you need mid-level welding experience.

For making these bench press benches you only need:  

  • Standard steel tubes
  • tools that can be found in most of the workshops
  • basic knowledge of metal cutting
  • basic knowledge of welding.

All parts are simple and generally obtained by cutting standard steel profiles. The parts are welded together except for a wooden board that is bolted to the structure. When the structure is finished, coat it with primer paint and then apply two coats of metal paint. This will be enough to keep the bench nice and rust protected. We recommend you to buy Barbell weight plates. If you want to increase bench comfort, we advise you to upholster the sheet part (wooden board). 


Submitted by Ceh Jan