This is a large collection of free woodworking plans intended not only for amateurs and enthusiasts, but also for professionals.

In it you can find a large selection of free plans for making furniture, kids’ toys, patio furniture, and hand tools, i.e., a variety of decorative and useful things for your house, yard or workshop. Within the plans, there are drawings of parts and assemblies, a parts list and an exploded view. Our free woodworking plans do not provide instructions on how to make the parts, as our goal is not to teach you the technology of making parts and assemblies from wood, but just to offer you plans for making useful wooden items. If you like working with wood and have some free time, check out this collection of free woodworking plans, pick one you like, and enjoy working on it.


If you want to make a flower pot stand like the one in the picture, here you are given a free woodworking plan with all the necessary dimensions.

Here is a free woodworking plan for the making of a simple stool that we named ’useful stool’, but essentially it is a type of stool usually known as ’saddle stool’.

Using drawings provided in this woodworking plan you can make a Vintage toy plane.

This is a plan for the making of a very simple wall shelf that you can make easily and quickly, even in a poorly-equipped workshop.

All four wooden trivets proposed here are made of a single piece of wood. It is so called "waffle pattern trivets," that is, lattice design, and it is quite easy to make.

Here you can download woodworking plan for the making of a nice and practical wall mounted pot holder.

If you need a free woodworking plan to create a quality shelf, on this page we present one to help you build a wall shelf with a vintage look.

This is a free woodworking project for the making of a minimalist wall shelf with a secret compartments.

With the woodworking plan that you can download on this page you can make a wall-mounted drop-leaf folding table.

Due to extensive use of wedges, here we are presenting a very simple jig with which you can easily and quickly cut a large number of wedges.

With this plan, you can build a wild animal winter feeder, i.e., a feed holder that appears to be crucial for helping hungry animals survive when there is a lack of food in nature.

Here you can find free woodworking plans for the several types of wooden back massagers.

With the free woodworking project that you can download on this page you can make a wooden bar clamp.

 Jack knife whittling - Wooden hand carved chain and rattle (ball in a cage) - two classic carving projects merged into one.

Here we offer the plan for the wooden cheese board with very nice and simple design. Board has a wooden handle, so it is very convenient for catering and serving.

We are offering you several plans for different variants of the wooden curtain and drapery tie backs that are cheap and very easy to make.

In our free woodworking plan we present you a drawing board with adjustable height and top drafting board angle, so you can use it while sitting as well as in the standing position.

We present you the 3-legged (tripod) folding fishing stool plan for all the nature and fishing lovers that would like to make it by themselves.

We present here the wooden handle roller massager plans, which you can make quickly and easily at the home workshop.

This puzzle, which is simply called the ‘interlocking puzzle’, consists of 12 parts and can be made from wood.

On this page you can download two plans that can help you make Wooden kitchen tongs (toast tongs), a convenient gift for anyone that does a lot of cooking.

We are offering you a free plan of how to make your own wooden knot puzzle. The knot puzzle is an extremely simple puzzle which has the shape of a 3D Greek cross.

With the free woodworking plan that you can download on this page you can make a wooden mallet (or carpenter's mallet).

On this page you can download the free woodworking plan for the making of a Marking gauge hand tool.

As you can see in the picture, here you are offered a plan to build a simple modular wine rack.

There are several types of the wooden perpetual calendar, and we are offering you plans for the manufacture of two types.

As you can see in the picture, here you are offered a woodworking plan to build a simple wooden pillow.

This wooden puzzle box, whose plan we are offering here to you, is quite interesting because it has two opening mechanisms.

In front of you there are woodworking plans (parts drawings, assembly drawing, parts list and exploded view) for making 4 different types of Road roller toys.

On this page you can download 13 plans that can help you make wooden soap dishes, a perfect addition to your bathroom or kitchen.

The soap mold is one of the basic tools used by every soap maker. In this project, you are presented with three soap mold plans:

At the craft fair were inspired by a very nice and convenient spice storage box (Sliding salt and pepper box plan), according to which all 7 plans of spice boxes have been developed to be offered to you here.

Here you can download a plan to create three variants of the same puzzle. We have called it the ‘stacker puzzle’ because of the way it is put together.

With the free woodworking plan that you can download on this page you can make a nice and cheap wooden towel stand

With this simple woodworking project you can make a hand-held walking stilts, perfect way for kids to develop coordination and balance while having fun.

With the plan that you can download on this page you can make a nice and cheap chandelier.

Our x-frame stool plan represents one of the simpler medieval stools, and if you decide to make it, you will get a very practical and beautiful multipurpose stool.