This is a large collection of free woodworking plans intended not only for amateurs and enthusiasts, but also for professionals.

Free woodworking plans

In it you can find a large selection of free plans for making furniture, kids’ toys, patio furniture, and hand tools, i.e., a variety of decorative and useful things for your house, yard or workshop. Within the plans, there are drawings of parts and assemblies, a parts list and an exploded view. Our free woodworking plans do not provide instructions on how to make the parts, as our goal is not to teach you the technology of making parts and assemblies from wood, but just to offer you plans for making useful wooden items. If you like working with wood and have some free time, check out this collection of free woodworking plans, pick one you like, and enjoy working on it.


Here is a plan for the making of a simple garden wooden seating set that can be made in a couple of afternoons.

A H frame folding tabletop easel made by this free woodworking plan has the option to regulate the inclination of the working surface during painting.

Here we are presenting a plan that will allow you to quickly create a simple and practical hanging planter basket.

In the free woodworking project that is offered here you can find drawings to help you make Happy push toy.

Here is a plan for making a really nice and practical stool. We named it ’Hexagon Stool’ because its seat is of hexagonal shape.

Here is a plan for the making of a plant holder that we call the ‘Horse drawn wagon flower pot stand’. It looks very similar to the carriages used during the American Wild West period (ca. 1865-1895).

In front of you is the dovetail joint puzzle plan. This puzzle at a first glance look like object that is impossible to manufacture – and the task is to discover how it is made.

On this page you can download  two plans that can help you make wooden insect cages, practical equipment for all entomologists.

We offer the plan for a very simple kitchen chopping board in two sizes. This plan is just an idea, and you can adjust the dimensions to your needs.

We are presenting you plan for the Classic wooden kitchen cutting board that you can make very quickly and it will last for years.

This Slicing platform plan will help you to make functional and practical cutting board on legs.

With this plan you can make a multi-purpose kitchen stool, a practical addition to your kitchen.

On this page you can find two plans that you can use for the making of kneeling chairs intended for ergonomic seating.

If you want to make the simplest possible coffee table that is also collapsible, here you are presented with such a construction.

This is a plan by which you can make a lager seating set. We call it ‘lager’ because seating sets like this one are often found in ‘beer houses’ - pubs.

If you have a CNC laser cutting machine and want to make this fretwork corner shelf, on this page you can download all the necessary files for its production.

The easel that we present in this plan is tripod type of easel - it has three legs which are connected at the top with the bolt.

Here is a free woodworking project according to which you will be able to make a toy called Lucky helicopter toy plan.

This is a project with which you can make the famous solid dissection puzzle known as the Soma cube.

On this page you are offered a plan for the making of a chair that looks very similar to the famous ‘curule armchair’ which used to be popular in Ancient Rome and during the Middle Ages.

With the free woodworking project that you can download on this page you can make a miter box, which should be an integral part of every hobby workshop.

Mitre gauge is a wooden measuring tool with two pieces of wood (one i s a blade, the other stock) that are at fixed angle to one another, and this plan represents mitre gauge for 30, 45 (mitre) and 60 degree angles.

With the free project that you can download on this page you can make a Multi functional activity cube toy. This multi functional toy features 6 toys in 1.

In this plan we represented two examples of Multiple silhouette puzzle, but from the explanation below and drawings, it is clear that you can invent new versions of this puzzle.

If you need an all-purpose table that will come in handy for various needs, then the occasional table that you can make according to this plan is the ideal choice for you!

On this page, we present you a plan for making an old-timer toy car, a perfect gift for your child.

Here we have presented three versions of the oven rack push pull stick, which you can also easily cut by hand using a copy saw if there is no scroll saw or laser cutting machine available.

On this page you can download free woodworking plan for making a panel gauge.

With the woodworking plan that you can download on this page you can make a nice and  sturdy Passenger plane kids toy.

Here is a free woodworking project of a patio chair that can be quickly made if you have the necessary material and a little time.