We offer the plan for the Round Wooden bread board. The plan is simple, so you can easily customize the dimensions of this wooden breadboard to suit your needs.

Kitchen boards are among the most common kitchen utensils that can be found in every kitchen. The function of kitchen cutting board (also breadboard) is to protect the work surface from cut marks during food cutting and from juices that are dripping from the food during cutting.

Breadboards can be made out of various materials, usually plastic, wood or hard rubber, but there are also those made of steel, marble or glass. A good breadboard material needs to be soft and not abrasive; it should be cleaned easily and also not fragile. The term “soft” means that the board surface should be soft enough not to damage the blade of the knife, and at the same time firm enough so it cannot be scored with a knife. Wood is one of the best materials for the manufacture of kitchen breadboards, because it has all of the required features listed above. Besides that, wood is a natural material and it is proved that by proper maintenance and cleaning it, wood will kill the bacteria within few hours.

Wooden breadboard can be made by the plan we offer quick and easy, and the plan has an option to make cutting board in 4 various sizes. All that you need is a piece of wood that is large enough, basic woodworking tools and a little time.


Round wooden breadboard plan
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All surfaces of the board need thorough sanding to become smooth. After this you can apply some natural food-safe finish or you can leave wood natural – without finish. If you decide to use finish, choose some penetrating finish. We do not recommend use of coating (film-forming) finishes, because when using a knife it will damage the coat and the paint particles or lacquer will end up in food.

When choosing wood for making this wooden breadboard you need to ensure that wood is suitable for the wooden kitchen utensils manufacture. A wood that you choose has to be non-toxic and it should not cause allergic reactions. The softwood like pine or cedar should be avoided, as these types of wood often contain resins that can transmit undesirable flavors, as well as the porous wood types like red oak, white oak or ash. It is recommended to choose some hard and durable hardwood with tight grains and closed pores. The best wood types for the wooden cutting board manufacture are Olive wood, Osage orange, black cherry, beech and hard maple. Beside these types, a good choice may be apple wood, pear wood and other orchard woods. 


Round wooden breadboard - 2D drawing


We recommend using this wooden breadboard for cutting bread, because it has raised edges which prevent the bread crumbs to scatter during cutting. These edges also look very nice and make this breadboard unusual and decorative. Nice design of this board allows you to use it not just for cutting, but also serving the bread and pastries.

Maintenance of the wooden breadboard is easy. If you use it only to cut bread, it is enough to wipe it with dry cloth after the usage, and occasionally wipe it with a damp cloth. If you use it also for other kinds of food, then wash it by hand after the usage, in warm water with mild detergent, and wipe it with dry cloth and dry thoroughly. Store it in dry place. Never wash it in the dishwasher, because wood will crack.


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