Wooden fruit dish plan

While collecting or after you have collected some fruit to eat in the yard/garden, you probably need a container/bowl to put it in. It is best to place it in some busy place in the house to be accessible. The dimensions of the fruit bowl can be different, but mostly such that 8-10 apples can fit in it. It should be either shallow or have some kind of holes to provide at least a little air circulation. This is very important because if you use a classic bowl with walls, the fruit at the bottom will spoil faster since there will be little air movement between the fruits, which is conducive to mold development.
There are many variants of the fruit bowl, and in our plan you can see one of them. Its design is almost 100 years old and it was found in an old book titled "Things to make in your home workshop" (Author: Wakeling Arthur, Published 1930).
In order to make this fruit bowl, you will need a woodworking lathe. We would like to avoid going into details about the choice of material and how to make a bowl using a lathe, simply because we believe that the people dealing with it know this subject quite well. Here you are just presented to a drawing of the fruit bowl, with all the dimensions necessary. To give you some extra support, we have also provided the text taken from the above book with the drawing of this nice-looking and practical fruit bowl.

„The fruit dish consists of two parts. The base is turned between centers in the usual way. The top may be turned in the way the covers of the boxes were turned. It has to be chucked so that a hole may be bored in its underside for the 3/16 by 1 1/12in. Tenon on the base. In gluing the parts, leave the upper part in the chuck and center the lower part by running up the dead center.“

Wooden fruit dish plan

Wooden fruit dish plan

Wooden fruit dish – Plan
Wooden fruit dish plan - Drawing


If you have a wood lathe and you are eager to make various items on it, we hope that you will like this 100-year-old design and that it has made you interested in making the fruit bowl according to the plan given. It could be a wonderful gift for your wife or anyone else who deserves to have it!

Wooden fruit dishes have been manufactured for thousands of years, back to the Egyptian, Chinese and Roman cultures with the attention to beautify the table on some special occasion, and our wooden fruit dish plan is ideal for you to make and give to someone as a wedding present for instance or a special birthday gift. Mounted on attractively carved pillar, this wooden fruit bowl with attractive design can be very useful serving dish for fruits.