Towel racks plans

Towels after use are wet and need to dry. If there are more people living in the house, it is necessary to find a suitable way to dry several towels taking up as less space as possible in the bathroom. One of the best ways is to use a towel rack that allows the towels to hang next to each other without getting creased while there is enough space between them for air flow which will slowly dry the towels preventing the appearance of mold on them.
Towel racks plans

On this page you can download three plans by which you can easily make towel racks that are functional, and most importantly, they fold and take up very little space when not in use. These folding towel racks can be used in the kitchen or the bathroom, or any other place where you need to dry dish cloths and towels.

We suggest you install them anywhere near a radiator or other heat source to dry the towels more efficiently.

All the three racks are of very simple construction and can be made quickly and easily. The required dimensions of the parts can be found in the drawings of each part and the assembly method is given in the exploded view drawing.

Before the pieces are assembled, they should be carefully sanded to remove splinters, which may catch in cloths or towels hung on the arms.

Folding towel rack for kitchen (high resolution image)

Kitchen folding towel rack drawings

Folding towel rack for bathroom (high resolution image)

Bathroom folding towel rack drawings

Dish cloth rack (high resolution image)

Dish cloth rack drawing