Our plans allow you to make beautiful and practical scoops with traditional design for your household.

Wooden scoops are traditional tools for dosing and they can look very nice as details in the kitchen or a food store. They can be found in various shapes and sizes. Wooden scoops of smaller and average dimensions are perfect for sugar, salt, flour, beans, rice, nuts and candies and other ground or powdered ingredients in the kitchen or a store. They are also often used for dosing the bath salts. The bigger wooden scoops are convenient to use for larger amounts of food ingredients – for example dispensing the animal food on farm.


Wooden scoop plans
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D28mm x L72mm,  D35mm x L100mm,  D40mm x L128mm,  D48mm x L154mm,  D58mm x L186mm


They fit perfectly into kitchens decorated in old-fashioned style. Since they are usually kept inside the containers together with food that they are measuring, their beauty is especially distinguished if the containers are also made out of wood.

The wooden scoops are mainly used for dosing dry ingredients, so there is no need to wash them often. Washing them should be done by hands in warm water with a mild detergent, then rinse it with clean water, wipe and dry well, so the wood won't be damaged and also to avoid transfer of moisture onto the ingredients. They should never be washed in the dishwasher.

Wooden scoop (Version 1)
Wooden scoop (Version 1) - Drawing
Wooden scoop (Version 2)
Wooden scoop (Version 2) - Drawing
Wooden scoop (Version 3)
Wooden scoop (Version 3) - Drawing


Size and shape of scoops depend solely on the purpose that the scoops are being used. Because of this, here you can find plans for the wooden scoops in several sizes and shapes. Our wooden scoops are made from a single piece of wood. You can make them out of various types of wood, like Olive wood, Cherry wood, maple, poplar, beech wood, boxwood, birch wood, sycamore wood, oak, pine, cedar, etc. The scoops can stay natural – with no wood coating, but they can also be coated with non-toxic finishing, for example with beeswax or mineral oil. When the transparent finishing is used, the details of wood color, grain, knots and texture stay visible. This gives them that specific charm and a unique appearance of every single scoop. If you wish to decorate them, you can do some chip carving on the handle.  

Wooden scoops can be made on the lathe, or even completely manually. During the manufacture, you should pay attention to the direction of wood fibers – they should always be parallel to the longitudinal axis of the scoops.


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