On this page you can download 13 plans that can help you make wooden soap dishes, a perfect addition to your bathroom or kitchen.

Wooden soap dish plans
Project type
Project difficulty
Skill level
for beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Basic hand toools
Applied woodworking joints
Round mortise and tenon joint
T half lap joint
Full lap joint


All of them are designed to allow water to flow from the soap, which prolongs its durability since it can dry out over the entire surface. To make the water run off, either drill some draining holes in the bottom or make a ribbed bottom. This is necessary to be done so, once you have designed your soap dish, make sure you apply one of the methods suggested. Another important issue in the design of your soap dish is that it needs to be shallow in order to ensure air flow around the soap.  This will make the soap dry out quickly. We also recommend that you make a concave dish bottom; a flat surface causes the soap to slip easily, so you will prevent this by using a concave-shaped dish.


Part drawings
Curved soap rack plan
Eco friendly soap dish plan
Oval soap tray plan
Rectangular soap dish plan
Rectangular soap tray plan
Ribbed soap dish plan
Round soap tray plan
Sideways natural soap tray plan
Sideways soap dish ladder plan
Slotted soap holder plan
Soap dish plan
Soap dish plate plan
Soap tray plan

A soap dish can also be found under other names of: soap tray, soap holder, soap plate ...

Best wood types to be used are the ones with high moisture tolerance, such as cypress, olive wood, teak, bamboo (to be precise: bamboo is a grass species, not a wood species)... To get a durable soap dish, you should apply wood wax, oil or some other water-resistant finish.

Soap dishes can be offered for sale at various local sales fairs or via the Internet. They can also be very nice presents to be given away to the ones you care about.


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