By our plan you can make a Grilling basket, practical barbecue tool and a a perfect gift for yourself or anyone who loves grilling.

We are offering you a general purpose grilling basket and the grid pattern you can make according to your needs. The space between the parts of the Wire Rib is 22mm (0,87''); if you wish to prepare meat or vegetables cut in smaller pieces, increase the number of the Wire Ribs and weld them parallel to the Middle Wire. This way you will get a denser mesh and the smaller pieces will not fall out. The thickness of the wire in our plan is 2mm (0.08''), you can use a thicker wire.

Grilling baskets are useful for barbecuing food while camping, during travel or on other occasions; it makes preparing barbecue easier for people with less experience. The grilling basket makes it possible to prepare barbecue over on open fire without the necessary barbecue tools; one will need supporters to hold the grilling basket over the fire, or if the handle is long enough, one can hold the grilling basket over the fire while preparing barbecue.


Grilling basket plan
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Basic hand toools
Welding machine

Size of the basket without handle: 334mm (13.15'') x 404mm (15.91'')


For preparing tasty barbecue, one needs experience, good recipes and quality barbecue tools. Experience is important in preparing barbecue; in time, the person gains experience with regulating the heat, when food is done and creates his own style of barbecue preparing.

Recipes are also very important in preparing the food. They give the cook tips on how to season the food and in time the cook learns to combine seasonings to his own taste. The same goes for preparing barbecue. One can prepare the meat without seasonings but the best way is to prepare a marinade and keep the meat in it for a certain time to savor in the juices. There is a huge number of recipes to make the barbecue chef's exclusive. For preparing barbecue, one needs a barbecue of good quality and a few tools, such as tenderizers, sharp knives, tongs, spatula, skewers and a grilling basket of good quality. 


Assembly drawing
Grilling basket - Parts list and assembly drawing
Grilling basket - Position of welds


The grilling baskets can be used for seafood, vegetables, small pieces of meat, steaks, hamburgers... The grilling basket is a very simple construction which one gets welding wires which have previously been cut and bended depending on the shape of the grilling basket. During preparation, the food is between hinged wire panels, which prevents it from falling apart or dropping into the fire. The grilling basket, also named as the barbecue grill or barbecue wire mesh, is handy because with it one can flip all food at once when flipping the basket. Without it, one needs to flip the pieces one by one and there is a possibility of over-burning if one skips to flip over a piece. And it is a lot easier to flip over food that might fall apart, as fish filets or hamburgers.

It is important to keep in mind

  • that all pieces of food in the grilling basket should be the same thickness; otherwise, the thin ones will be over-prepared while the thicker pieces will remain raw on the inside
  • the fire under the grilling basket be spread evenly so that the pieces of food get the same amount of heat; otherwise, some pieces may get scorched while others stay raw

There are different kinds of grilling baskets, depending on what is being prepared: fish baskets, kebob baskets, special hot-dog or sausage grilling baskets, grilling baskets for corn...

The grilling basket should be made of material that is:

  • heat resistant
  • rust (corrosion) resistant
  • non-toxic
  • durable

For making a grilling basket use stainless steel wire. We recommend 430-grade stainless steel, but you can use 420, 304, 316-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel above mentioned belong to food type materials and can be easily welded by all fusion methods.

The handle is prolonged with a wooden piece to protect you from burning yourself on the wires and the wooden piece makes it stable.

Using the grilling basket, there is a possibility of food sticking to the wires. There are a lot of industrial methods you can use to prevent sticking, but from experience it is enough to say to grease the surface of the grilling basket with oil, or when the grilling basket is heated, with bacon. You can wrap the grilling basket with aluminum foil, but food prepared this way is not as tasty as when food comes in contact with smoke on the open grill.

The grilling basket should be rinsed with water right after use to take off the stuck pieces of food. You can also clean it by steam or scrub it, using Scouring Powder and detergents; stainless steel is resistant to Alkaline solution, Organic solvent or Nitric acid.

Nowadays, people expect to get products that will allow them to sit back and relax. Think of cleaning the grilling basket as a means of burning calories consumed by eating the barbecued food.


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Submitted by Ceh Jan