On this page you can download two 3D models that we named ‘scroll saw arch pieces of tea table’.

We saw the pieces in the old DIY magazine “Amateur Work” (published 1881), and they were included in a plan which was aimed to help in the making of a specific type of table named “Alhambra five o'clock tea table”. It is actually a plan for the making of an occasional table that used to be typical of Arab culture, from Morocco to Syria and Turkey. Usually these were tables designed for drinking coffee or tea, and today you can find them on the Internet under various names. To make your Internet search more efficient, always add into the browser the adjective(s) Moorish, Syrian, Arab, Moroccan, etc. along with the name of the type of table you are interested in – e.g., end table, side table, coffee table, tea table ... These Arab tables usually had a tabletop in the shape of a polygon (pentagon, hexagon, octagon ...), and at each corner of the tabletop there was a leg.


Scroll saw arch pieces of tea table
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Between the table legs, in the upper part (under the tabletop) there was a panel beautified with some of the wood decoration techniques (scroll saw, marquetry, Mashrabiya…). Depending on the construction, the panel could be either a separate part or an integrated part with the legs.  If you take a closer look at these two scroll saw arch 3D models, you will see that they have been made separately and need to be fixed between the table legs. In this way, these parts have both a decorative role and a practical one as they serve to additionally strengthen the construction of the table.

These two pieces whose 3D models you can download here are the abovementioned pieces decorated with scroll saw technique. We have named them ’arch pieces’ because they have a specific shape that used to be characteristic of the arches in Moorish and Arab architecture. The construction of Arab occasional tables is simple, and these two arch pieces will come in handy if you decide to embark on the project. If you have access to a CNC router or laser cutter, you can craft the pieces in no time. Even if you don’t, it certainly is worth to have them done for you considering that these are very nice-looking and quality tables.


Submitted by Ceh Jan