Art nouveau border pattern

Art nouveau border pattern

Here you can download an Art Nouveau border pattern shown in the picture on the right.

The border is very simple, rectangular in shape, and consists of only one design element repeatedly arranged on the horizontal and vertical sides of the rectangle. In the corners there is the same design element, just turned at a 45-degree angle to represent a kind of transition from horizontally to vertically aligned design elements. The border pattern has been given its name because the above design element that it is made up from comes from a book with a large number of patterns drawn in Art Nouveau style. By the way, this border pattern is a nice example of how an elegant border pattern can be quickly made from a simple design element. A good feature of this process is that a circular, ellipsoidal, or border pattern of any shape can be made in the same way. Nowadays, if you use CAD or vector software, you even have special commands for arranging patterns by pre-drawn shapes or curves, which greatly simplifies the design job. If you do not like the design element we have arranged in this pattern, visit the ORNAMENTAL DESIGN ELEMENTS category where you can find a large number of design elements and choose one that suits you.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

Art nouveau border pattern is available as usually in dwg, eps and SVG formats.

If you do something nice with this border vector, we would love to see it.

Art nouveau border pattern - dwg format (951.39 Kb)

Art nouveau border pattern - eps format (zip - 789.97 Kb)

Art nouveau border pattern - svg format (zip - 805.86 Kb)